ZimPI salutes Zimbabweans on the Peaceful and Exemplary Conduct of the Zimbabwe 2023 Harmonised Elections

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Media Statement

Statement by Zimbabwe Peacebuilding Initiative (ZimPI) Founding Chairperson Senator Sekai Holland Saluting Zimbabweans on the Peaceful and Exemplary Conduct of the Zimbabwe 2023 Harmonised Elections.

Harare (28 August, 2023) - The [1] Zimbabwe Peacebuilding Initiative (ZimPI) salutes all Zimbabweans on their peaceful and dignified conduct before, during and now, as the 2023 Harmonised Elections processes have concluded with the ZEC announcement of the full results.

ZimPI chairperson Senator Sekai Holland who is also the former co-minister of State in the Office of the President and and Cabinet (Organ on National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration - ONHRI) during the Government of National Unity (GNU 2009-13) says ZimPI is pleasantly surprised that, as  Zimbabweans, we took seriously the consistent clarion calls for peace, unity, love, harmony and development; President Mnangagwa’s campaign message, and his theme which is a UN Sustainable Development Goal that ‘No One and No Place will be left behind towards 2030’.

“Zimbabweans as one are the winners of these elections. We all played our part in making these extraordinary elections happen. Senator Holland encouraged all Zimbabweans to pat ourselves on the back. She said that no one else would perform that act for us. She expressed her hope  that Zimbabweans recognise their many talents and gifts – a fact many Zimbabweans tend to ignore and do not accept,  acknowledge or celebrate. It is time that we Zimbabweans begin to celebrate our gifts, God-given, our many achievements as a people and that we are one,” says Sen Holland.

“The President’s call for peace, subsequently amplified by all political parties, their leadership, members and sympathisers, reverberated throughout their campaign messaging, with a focus on the need to shun violence in all its forms, culminating in the prevailing peaceful environment reflecting the true character of Zimbabweans as a people. Our congratulations go to our Traditional leaders and their new leader Chief Mtshane Khumalo, councillors, national assembly, and senate members who emerged victorious in the polls.

“Our courageous and gallant freedom fighters, living and late, are smiling at this  historic achievement, a feat all of us Zimbabweans must be collectively proud of. Let us remember and savour this for years to come. We have demonstrated one value of democratic elections, in the peaceful conduct of citizens during elections,” says Sen Holland.  ZimPI’s focus is to contribute to the construction of a safe, secure, happy, peaceful and prosperous Zimbabwe anchored on sustainable peace, following the traditional peace processes and best practices we learn from all.

ZimPI long ago realised that we must work with our Government, filling in the gaps in development at communities where we work, as well as to agenda set by mainstreaming peacebuilding in all our policies and programmes.

Peacebuilding is the foundation, in our regenerative community development, with special attention to all the disadvantaged: women, children and people living with disability –  the most vulnerable members in communities.

Our next task as Zimbabweans is to work on the call for our unity as one people.  Only we can work on the task of uniting ourselves. As we demonstrated a peaceful electoral environment, we can achieve that of unity, together, by together identifying the common ground we stand on, the many values that bind us, as Zimbabweans: Respect for ourselves, for our values, embodied in uBuntu. Respect for one another is a central step to take, to achieve our unity. That is our next task; Unity.

Indeed she concluded: “United, we must relearn how to use our natural traditional values, mitupo/izibongo (totems) as well as the strategies our Leaders designed to unite us as Zimbabweans during our Liberation war, to embrace our diversity, as we, together build our inclusive Zimbabwe.”

For further information contact ZimPI Media and Communications Specialist Chris Chivinge on +263-719236707 or email: lulukid263@gmail.com