Steps towards peace

July 31 protests didn’t eventuate, followed by G40 successful intervention with ANC, African Union. COVID-19 spreads

Submitted by admin on Mon, 08/03/2020 - 06:20

Detailed reports from Zimbabwe on July 31, 2020, and the following days, show that there was no popular response to the call for anti-corruption rallies, and that the government pre-empted any possibility by preventive arrests, and a confused series of orders to close shops and then open shops.

Zimbabwe on the precipice – today’s protests are a choice between deeper polarisation or cooperation to face national crisis

Submitted by admin on Fri, 07/31/2020 - 06:19

Today is the second anniversary of the 2018 national election won by President Mnangagwa and ZANU-PF, and the day set for the Extraordinary Congress of MDC-T. It was chosen therefore for a big street protest, purportedly against corruption.

Domestic and external relations continue to deteriorate for Zimbabwe

Submitted by admin on Tue, 12/03/2019 - 05:57

November 2019 has been marked by violent clashes on the streets between MDC Alliance and police, which is continuing to inform the international community that the Mnangagwa ZANU-PF government is much more a continuation of the Mugabe dictatorship than an opening to change for the better.

New effort to destabilise Mnangagwa government as new year opens

Submitted by admin on Thu, 01/03/2019 - 05:39

The MDC Alliance and the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions late last week called for a “stay-away” of two, three and five days this week to peacefully demonstrate to the ZANU-PF Mnangagwa government that its economic policies had to change – mainly relating to fuel shortages, the use of Bond Notes and the need to pay workers in US dollars.