Supporting peacebuilding in Zimbabwe

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The Moving Forward Together for Peace with Justice Initiative seeks to use Peacebuilding as a tool to bring Zimbabweans together and resolving their intergenerational challenges as one society by incorporating the traditional values of Ubuntu. To mitigate the effects of a breakdown in rule of law and a lack of trust in the judiciary and legal processes, ZimPI is implementing alternate dispute resolution projects, Mediation and Negotiation, drawing from the Traditional reconciliation principles of ukukhumelan'umlotha or kusvutisana fodya.

To this end, ZimPI is liaising with the government of the day in Zimbabwe (GoZ) for cohesion and stability. A memorandum of understanding with the GoZ through its Minister of Provincial Affairs and Devolution has been established to fill in the gaps as civil society. This new methodology was launched at Meikles Hotel Harare 03 December 2020 with the Imba Mukadzi/Umuzi ngu Mama.

ZimPi is also addressing the issue of polarisation with evidence-based conversations at grassroots levels and supporting inclusive National Dialogue.

Formalisation of the economy

The economy is Zimbabwe is largely informal. The informal sector is fertile breeding ground for corruption, which is now endemic in society, affecting business growth. ZimPI is working with stakeholders in the informal sector and Government to formalise the economy and curb the spread of corruption in society.