Speech by Ms Vimbainashe Mudzimuirema

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Presentation at The Great Hall, University of Zimbabwe, April 23, 2024, at the event for Matthew Neuhaus to speak on "Six Lessons in Peacebuilding - Experiences from the Commonwealth and Beyond"

Your Excellencies and Distinguished guests
Ladies and Gentlemen, All Protocol Observed,

I extend my greetings to each of you with profound gratitude and humility. My name is Vimbainashe Mudzimuirema, aged 23.

It is a privilege to stand before you all today. I am deeply honoured to have attained a degree in Peace and Security Studies from Midlands State University, a journey shaped by the visionary leadership of Senator Sekai Holland who pioneered this programme in 2009, during her tenure as co-minister in the Inclusive Government. Her dedication to advancing peacebuilding for sustainable peace and reconciliation in Zimbabwe has been a profound inspiration for me.

Throughout my academic journey, I've had the privilege of working with the Zimbabwe Peacebuilding Initiative also known as ZimPi, since 2020. This experience has allowed me to witness firsthand the transformative impact of peacebuilding efforts in our society.

Together with dedicated individuals and organizations within ZimPi, and with the support of figures like His.Excellence Professor Matthew Neuhaus, we have actively contributed to fostering a culture of peace, reconciliation, and social cohesion in Zimbabwe. In addition to my involvement with ZimPi, I'm honored to serve as an ambassador for the Boychild Partnering the Girlchild initiative, which has been making strides for gender equality over the past five years. Together, we aspire to create a society where both boys and girls can thrive without gender-based limitations.

One of the highlights of my journey with ZimPI was participating in the Australian Delegation's visit to Zimbabwe, Patricia O’Donovan and her son Lachlan, representing the Exodus Foundation in Ashfield, Australia who shared invaluable insights on peacebuiding and fostering sustainable peace through their catholic faith in diverse contexts.

Since graduating in December 2023, I have been working with ZimPI to integrate the concept of National Healing through Peacebuilding from academia to communities nationwide.We are establishing a collective National Healing Think Tank to empower our society to unite and address shared challenges collaboratively.

I firmly believe that peace is nurtured through a culture of justice for all. With focused development, we can build a society where equity is central to all endeavors, ensuring safety, security, happiness, and prosperity for all. My dedication lies in creating a society where these ideals are not just aspirations but lived realities.

In conclusion, I am driven by my passion for justice, peace, sustainable development, and reconciliation, inspired by Senator Sekai Holland and motivated by my experiences with ZimPi, FairGo4Kids with Jim Holland, and the Boy Child Project Partnering the Girl Child Initiative. I am committed to promoting peace and building a society where all can flourish.

Together, let us embrace the motto of "Peace with Justice, Safety, Security, Happiness, and Prosperity".

Hu‘umwe, Simunye, We are one.  Thank you!