Infrastructure for Peace

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Peace Infrastructure



Speers and MnangagwaCommonwealth Lawyers Association President Mr Brian Speers in discussions with H E President E D Mnangagwa, who is Co-Patron of the Midlands State University Fundraising Committee since 2009. This photo was taken after the MSU graduation ceremony, November 2019.

Mr Brian Speers entered into discussions with the MSU Law Faculty, the Zimbabwe Law Society and ZimPI for exploratory programs: Mediation, Negotiating and Dispute Resolution; traditional reconciliation methods: Kusutisana Fodya (Shona) and ukukhumelanu mlotha (SiNdebele). Depending on the level of mutual interest and support achieved, Certificate of Attendance, Diploma, Undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral qualifications would be available. ZimPI has approached the President of the Chiefs’ Council of Zimbabwe, Faith-Based leaders and others interested to be partners.

COVID-19 forced the postponement of the signing of MOUs, delaying implementation.

Mr Brian Speers was recently re elected at the 22nd Commonwealth Lawyers Association Conference in the Bahamas (2021), and plans to return to complete the processes and to launch the project.

The traditional method of achieving reconciliation is based on uBuntu, positive values that ensure the solving of conflict, restoration of harmony between the injured and injurer, cohesion and peace between their families and return of order and balance in the community.

Policy and programs of the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development

The plan is for Innovation Hubs in every university where citizens could work on their innovations with support from the university. When these inventions become operational, they move to Industrial Parks next door to the Hubs, where they are commercialised for the local, regional and international markets to strengthen the economy and the official policy Towards 2030 - A Middle-Income Zimbabwe.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Zimbabwe cannot be overstated. The lockdown measures decreased the impact of the pandemic on the society, however the downside is that most programs were postponed. Leaders of institutions that were in the process of creating partnerships with ZimPI died due to COVID-19. Digital connectivity nationally is poor in Zimbabwe. Access to online communications and networking is difficult for most. Sanctions on Zimbabwe hit connectivity and access for IT users hard over 20 years.

Successes in 2021

Against all the odds including COVID-19 and its Delta and other mutations, ZimPI has been able to register successes in the Boy Child Project, and with the  Commonwealth Lawyers Association and the European-based Horasis on-line forums. These successes were only possible with the consistent support from ZIC, many well-wishers, friends, Jim and Sekai’s families and Jim’s God-Parents’ family.

Attorney Stella Wutete, the ZimPI Legal Counsel and Commonwealth Young Lawyers Association Board Member, attended the 22nd Commonwealth Lawyers Association conference in Bahamas on September 5-12, 2021, as a Panelist. Without ZIC and well wishers this success would not have eventuated. Every obstacle imaginable was thrown in the way of Stella’s participation, but her trip went ahead with a huge impact. See her report here.

Arising from the Boy Child Project, Tamuka Hove, founder/President of Butete Technology Trust and Daniel J K Zinyana, Founder/Director The Tree House Club Trust, played a prominent role in the African Union Youth Leaders Model and United Nations Conferences in Victoria Falls April 2021 and in Addis Ababa, August 24-30, 2021. See their report here.