Dramatic Change underway in Zimbabwe

Submitted by admin on Sun, 07/03/2016 - 05:13

Malnutrition is a very serious threat to the people, especially in Matabeleland North and stunted growth of children is now very evident. This is making the people very angry.

The people now see that Mugabe wants to kick out his vice-President, Mnangagwa, and ask who would replace him? Is it Grace? That is completely unacceptable on all sides.

Mugabe is now relying solely on the G40 group to attack Mnangagwa and now the War Veterans.

The people have now reached a consensus that Mugabe must go. This also includes ZANU-PF people. The people want an inclusive solution, they don’t want one player to defeat and exclude others.

The old factions inside and outside Zimbabwe are still thinking about how to manoeuvre themselves to the top when the change comes. But the people are not interested in this approach.

A proposal for a National Transitional Council made up of technical people seems to be from the ANC and includes exiled Zimbabweans close to the ANC and Mujuru people inside Zimbabwe.
The Zimbabwe people are no longer thinking someone from outside will save the country. They now know that they have to do it for themselves.

A dramatic dynamic is now underway which will bring about the end of the Mugabe era.

The Zimbabwe Information Centre wants to alert you to this situation, encourage you to stay engaged and to be prepared for more action soon.

The ZIC Committee has considered these developments, and decided that, depending on events, ZIC will organise meetings of supporters to discuss how we can best contribute to a democratic, inclusive Zimbabwe in this moment of change