National Peace Trust Zimbabwe - Press Release National Unity Day 2015

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December 22nd 2015

The National Peace Trust joins Zimbabweans in celebrating the Unity forged between the two liberation parties whose Patriotic Front united to bring us our precious independence.

Unity day 2015 remains particularly pertinent to all Zimbabweans. However, most Zimbabweans at home and abroad now yearn for unity of purpose in 2015 as they once did over the post independence years when political unity seemed to elude us.

Unity is the glue that held Zimbabweans together throughout the ups and downs of the liberation war faced by the population at home, in the region and abroad throughout the long Liberation struggle years.

The National Peace Trust (NPT) commends the two parties ZAPU and ZANU for coming together to work towards the common goal of developing and empowering Zimbabweans through a unified political front.

As Zimbabweans across the board celebrate Unity Day, the unity they desire now goes beyond the unification of political entities, which of cause remains an important pillar of stability in Zimbabwe.

Unity of purpose as a nation continues to elude us. The glaring political polarisation across all aspects of society is a clarion call for leadership to once again galvanise all of society towards unity of purpose and enduring peace.

As we celebrate Unity Day, we call upon all society to remain united in building our fast depleting stockpiles of peace and unity. National Stability and tranquillity requires total commitment to the tenets of unity and peace from across all of society.

While our leaders, both late and living, laboured for the current unity and peace infrastructure, a lot more still needs to be done to dismantle the infrastructure of disunity and national discord still bedevilling Zimbabwe on many fronts, including the economy.

Further, The National Peace Trust invites Zimbabweans at home and abroad with their various leadership, to construct concrete steps in working towards unity of purpose and peace for the common good of our people and indeed our own economic, political and psycho-social upliftment and survival as a nation.

Without Unity of purpose among ourselves as a nation the possible political and economic successes that peaceful Zimbabweans united are capable of generating will continue to evade us as a nation.

We urge all Zimbabweans on this historical day to reflect, rethink, re-look, retool and redirect their energies and investments towards building our stockpiles of unity and peace for posterity.

Signed: Senator Sekai M Holland, Chairperson Board of Trustees

            Trust Mamombe,  Executive Director