Deepest condolences on the death of Morgan

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February 16, 2018,

Elias Mudzuri,
Acting President
Movement for Democratic Change—T
Harare, Zimbabwe

Dear Elias and all MDC-T Leaders and members,

The Zimbabwe Information Centre Inc was established in 1999 to support the democratic movement and sustainable development in Zimbabwe, and Morgan has been a focus of our admiration, support and concern in all the years since.

The death this week of Morgan is a huge loss to the mine workers, to the whole Zimbabwe trade union movement, and to the whole people of Zimbabwe to whom Morgan gave his life during these last 30 years.

Our sincere condolences on your loss.

Morgan made his first visit to Australia as our guest in September 2001, and then as the guest of the Australian government in 2013. We know that Morgan had a special place in the heart of the Australian people, and that he valued this support in the many difficulties he had to face.

We especially remember the outrageous treason charge against Morgan, based on an Australian media report, for which, thankfully, he was acquitted. We remember the terrible mass torture of MDC leaders on March 11, 2007, in which Morgan was so badly hurt., but from which he rose to lead the successful election campaign of March 29, 2008, and then his term as Prime Minister. We remain scarred at the deadly car crash in March 2009 which killed his wife Susan, and aimed to kill him.

We know that Morgan gave everything to try to make the breakthrough to a new democratic era for Zimbabwe. While he will now not see that transition himself, we know that his spirit will inspire MDC-T and the MDC Alliance in these months.
Morgan Tsvangirai will forever be a hero for his people and for democratic champions everywhere.

With every sincerity,

Dr Meredith Burgmann (President), Peter Murphy (Secretary)