Zimbabwe Peacebuilding Initiative COVID-19 food distribution project

Submitted by admin on Wed, 05/20/2020 - 06:11

The Zimbabwe Information Centre May Appeal raised A$3,045 and was transferred to the Zimbabwe Peacebuilding Initiative who in turn have organised a food distribution to mark the start of the Africa Union Make Peace Happen Week beginning on May 23.

Each of 120 families were provided:
• I Bag of Maize Meal
• 1 Bag of Beans
• 30 eggs
• 1 bottle of peanut oil
• 1 face mask for each member of the household
• 2 water containers
• 2 bars of soap

Each of the ZimPI Team members who owns a vehicle is providing their vehicle to drive 10 food packs to 10 families on the list. ZimPI provides the fuel.

These 120 families are in the Harare area, including Chitungwiza.

With more fundraising, the food distribution project will move to Bulawayo, and then to Gweru, and then to rural areas.

Zimbabwe Peacebuilding Initiative had planned to be welcoming the President of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association, Brian Speers, and his delegation from the Institute of Jurists, Belfast University to spend a week in Zimbabwe providing support to the ZimPI Network of NGOs to launch a number of Peacebuilding initiatives.

See a video interview with Mrs Sekai Holland and Jim Holland about this project.