About Us

The Zimbabwe Information Centre Inc was incorporated in NSW on July 28, 1999.

Mrs Sekai Holland had visited Australia to call on the old solidarity networks for the liberation of Zimbabwe in which she worked in the period 1966 - 1980, to re-organise for the democratic struggle against the Mugabe ZANU-PF regime and the terrible poverty striking the great majority of Zimbabweans.

Mrs Holland returned to visit Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide in November - December 1999 to consolidate this work.

Our Objectives are to:

  1.  Inform the Australian people of current developments in Zimbabwe
  2.  Develop friendship between the peoples of Zimbabwe and Australia
  3. Support organisations in Zimbabwe which advocate democracy, good governance, gender and racial equality, and human rights.

ZIC was represented at the inaugural Congress of MDC in January 2000. The ZIC uses the Model Rules for incorporated associations in NSW, modified to expand the Board and to set its fees.

Contact Details:

Peter Murphy (Secretary)

PO Box A671,
Sydney South NSW 1235

Ph: (02) 0418 312 301.

Email: info@zic.com.au