August 16 protest against economic collapse will also test MDC

Submitted by admin on Sat, 08/03/2019 - 05:48

The economic collapse in Zimbabwe continues to deepen, with the government suspending publication of inflation figures until next February, and a prediction of at least a 3 per cent contraction in the economy overall – a recession. Electricity, water, cash, fuel and food are in short supply.

New round of mass protests shape up as economic pain continues; political deadlock dead end

Submitted by admin on Sat, 08/03/2019 - 05:47

The Mnangagwa government continues to talk up its economic strategy, while the reality of power failures, fuel shortages, job losses and high inflation continues to hurt the community. The MDC and the trade union movement (ZCTU) are planning a new round of mass protests in response, in mid-August.