Political tensions escalate, involving US, as economic impact of COVID-19 deepens

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The people of Zimbabwe are facing ever greater
hunger due to another poor harvest and the COVID-19 lockdown and its broader
impacts. The World Food Program is expanding its feeding program in response.
But the galloping inflation, reaching 765 per cent in the year to April, has

As Zimbabweans starve under COVID-19 lockdown, abduction and torture tactic condemned, questioned; 4 MDC MPs recalled

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The COVID-19 lockdown is now indefinite,
reviewed every two weeks, and cross-border trading, and remittances have
greatly diminished as sources of survival for the people. While the number of
COVID-19 cases in Zimbabwe is small, the fear of a big outbreak is
well-founded. Small but significant aid grants came from the European Union,

COVID-19 pandemic rolls over existing deep crises in Zimbabwe

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The first Zimbabwean to die from novel coronavirus infection was Zororo Makamba, on March 23. He was a prominent young man who was recovering from a lung operation. He had contracted the virus in New York. Since then another Zimbabwean has died. Makamba’s family account of his last days demonstrates how totally unprepared Zimbabwe is for the pandemic.