Peace Settlements

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Negotiating MOU for Hopley

Photo: In the Charter House office of Hon Engineer Oliver Chidawu, Minister for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Harare Metropolitan Province. This is one of the Minister’s meetings with the ZimPI Network Team. ZimPI signed an MOU with the Minister in October 2020 based on the ZimPI principles:

  1. Working with the Government of the day as a civil society organisation to gap fill,
  2. Agenda setting.
  3. Involvement in people-centred development through participatory methods, to bring about sustainable real change at the grassroots level.
  4. Advance Vision 2030 for Zimbabwe to become a middle-income country, as part of the African Union Vision 2063, the Africa we want.
  5. At the international level, advancing the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

ZimPI must sign MOUs with each Provincial Minister where projects are to be undertaken. The focus will be Midlands Province where the Midlands State University is based, as well as the Matebeleland Provinces where the next projects are ready for implementation.


During the COVID-19 lockdowns ZimPI has been educated on climate change through the fine research findings of the Harare Wetlands Trust as well as by the well organised programs of grassroots-based Wetlands Monitoring Committees in High Density areas.

From interaction with those civil society formations ZimPI became aware of the UN Decade 2021-30 for Eco Systems Restoration and adjusted its own programs in wetlands-based communities to guide the Skills Training programs in Harare. The preparation of family members home-based businesses in Peace Settlements is yet to be undertaken, but it is being advanced through discussion with Government and through well thought out and organised processes of voluntary community moves from illegal settlements in wetlands. An MOU was signed between ZimPI and the Minister for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Harare Metropolitan Province, in October 2020. In December 2020 ZimPI sponsored a workshop hosted by Imba Mukadzi / uMuzi ngu Mama to launch the Decade 2020-21 Program; Formalisation: Formalise Now!

Wetlands in Zimbabwe are sacred sites with deep meaning to communities. Living on a wetland is not only illegal it is taboo, according to traditional mores and local social custom.

The project links commitments to wetland regions in the RAMSAR Convention with traditional beliefs about wetlands. ZimPI is working with the Harare Wetlands Trust and with the ward-based committees guiding and connecting all on the sacred character and other aspects of wetlands beneficial to communities today.

The Peace Settlements are designed to provide safe, secure, modern housing, COVID compliant, with health, education, administrative and other community facilities. They will provide an opportunity for all household members, through skills training, to become active participants, contributing to the restoration of the Zimbabwean economy with an emphasis on home-based businesses, digitalised and linked into the formal economy.


Zimbabweans at the grassroots reaped bumper harvests in 2021because of the good rains and the President’s national agriculture program, Pfumbvudza. ZimPI looks forward to becoming part of the NGOs that are included in accessing the Pfumbvudza program for the benefit of members.