Deepest condolences on the death of Morgan

February 16, 2018,

Elias Mudzuri,
Acting President
Movement for Democratic Change—T
Harare, Zimbabwe

Dear Elias and all MDC-T Leaders and members,

The Zimbabwe Information Centre Inc was established in 1999 to support the democratic movement and sustainable development in Zimbabwe, and Morgan has been a focus of our admiration, support and concern in all the years since.

Mugabe’s humiliating departure has the Zimbabwe people dancing in the street

Zimbabwe’s 93 year-old dictator, President Robert Mugabe, was forced to resign on November 22, 2017, when he realised that his ZANU-PF MPs were going to impeach him.

The Zimbabwe military moved against Mugabe on Wednesday November 15, in response to Mugabe’s decision to dismiss his Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Monday November 6. Mnangagwa fled the country in fear of his life, and with good grounds, since Mugabe and his wife Grace called on a rally of ZANU-PF youth on November 8 to “crush the head of the snake”.

Dramatic Change underway in Zimbabwe

Malnutrition is a very serious threat to the people, especially in Matabeleland North and stunted growth of children is now very evident. This is making the people very angry.

The people now see that Mugabe wants to kick out his vice-President, Mnangagwa, and ask who would replace him? Is it Grace? That is completely unacceptable on all sides.

Mugabe is now relying solely on the G40 group to attack Mnangagwa and now the War Veterans.

National Peace Trust Zimbabwe - Press Release National Unity Day 2015

Zimbabwe Peace Trust Logo

December 22nd 2015

The National Peace Trust joins Zimbabweans in celebrating the Unity forged between the two liberation parties whose Patriotic Front united to bring us our precious independence.

Unity day 2015 remains particularly pertinent to all Zimbabweans. However, most Zimbabweans at home and abroad now yearn for unity of purpose in 2015 as they once did over the post independence years when political unity seemed to elude us.

Political turmoil around MDC amid mounting COVID-19 epidemic in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s COVID-19 lockdown has been extended for two weeks until May 3. At the time of writing there are 28 confirmed cases, and four deaths, due to the virus. But given the acute shortage of testing, the inability of large numbers of Zimbabweans to physically isolate and to practice hygiene rules, the hunger that will be pervasive during the lockdown, and the lack of personal protective equipment for health workers and lack of ventilators and other hospital facilities, the impact from the virus is bound to greatly increase.